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The country’s capital, Budapest is a true metropolitan city, buzzing with lively excitement. In its designated party-district, you can find plenty of ruin bars, nightclubs and restaurants to guarantee the perfect night out.

If you just want to chill and rest, - maybe after an eventful evening spent clubbing – there are several spas available thanks to the thermal springs under the city. Budapest holds the title ‘City Of Spas’ since it has more thermal and medical water than any other capital city in the World.

Today, there are 15 public thermal spas in Budapest, and they are very popular among the younger generation. If you are looking for some recreational time spent near or in the water, you should definitely check out the aqua parks. Most of them are open all year round, but – not surprisingly – they are more popular in the summer.

  • Budapest, the industrial hub

The King Sigismund University has a very fortunate location. Apart from being near the beautiful river Danube in rich green environment, you can even find several big multinational companies in its area.
SAP, Microsoft, Canon and the National Television's headquarters are all relatively close by, so are major auto dealerships.
Thanks to the international enviroment, professional english skills are mandatory, so native speakers have a huge advantage on the labour market.

  • Budapest, the scientific center

The universities all over the city share a common goal: to provide the best education and qualification needed in our rapidly changing economy.

  • Budapest – culture above all

With a history going back over a thousand years, there are lots of interesting sites to visit in the capital city. Apart from castles, ruins and historical temples, Budapest has plenty of museums and theaters to choose from.

Sites to visit in Budapest
Heroes’ Square
Budapest Parliament
Buda Castle, Royal Palace and Fisherman’s Bastion
St. Stephen’s Basilica
Vörösmarty Square and Váci street
City Park

Useful information

Hungary’s official currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). While there are places where they accept Euros, we advise you against it. The exchange rate is much lower in those places, so you should definitely change your cash while staying in Hungary.

General costs and prices in Budapest

Single ticket: 350 HUF
10 tickets: 3 000 HUF
Boat ticket for one trip: 750 HUF
Monthly Budapest-pass for students enrolled in higher education: 3 450 HUF
Semester Budapest-pass for students enrolled in higher education: 16 200 HUF

Eating out:
Eating out in fast food restaurants: 1 000 – 2 000 HUF
Eating out in restaurants: 3 000 – 5 000 HUF

Entertainment / Recreation:
Movie ticket for a student (2D film screening): 1 320 HUF
Movie ticket for a student (Digital 3D film screening): 1 730 HUF
Movie ticket for a student (IMAX 3D film screening): 2 040 HUF
Museum admission ticket: 1 000 – 1 500 HUF
Bath admission ticket: 1 500 – 3 500 HUF
Night club ticket: 1 500 – 2 500 HUF


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