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About The University

Our Aim

Our Aim

By organizing education and introducing a standard quality system, we want to establish a student-centered higher level educational institution.
At King Sigismund University we can help the students achieve their individual goals, meanwhile contribute to the development of Hungarian economy (the labour force) and follow the current laws and rules that both regulate the work of Hungarian higher education and correspond to the integrational processes within the European Union.
We want to effect such an educational organization and activity that enable the college to cooperate with any other higher educational institution within Hungary and the European Union.
The aim of the university is to create and enhance, through its work and services as well as its firm quality standard, the legal security and trust of its clients (the students, the labour market and the cooperating institutions).
Our immediate professional goal is to make our work recognised and respected in Hungary as well as abroad, and to achieve and maintain a leading market position. 

Our Strategies

  • To follow the legal regulations and European norms.
  • To carry out teaching and professional work in higher education that reflects the highest professional and academic standards of our time.
  • To make the teachers and staff adapt the applied quality system in their work, and to make our students and partner institutions realise their demands and expectations, by continuous education and further training.
  • To employ qualified teachers to effect our academic and professional curricula.
  • To establish, develop and keep the standard of the working conditions as well as the human and infrastructural resources that affect the maintenance of our quality standards.


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