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About The University

Why our University?

In bullet points:

• Founded in 2000, as a private institution with BA and MA programs
• Highest professional and academic standards
• Practical knowledge, competences, skills
• University of applied sciences in 2016
• Balancing present and future challenges
• Fostering entrepreneurial mindset
• High quality professional and academic relationship with students
• Practical knowledge: 97% of students hired within three months after graduation

And in details:

  • Why King Sigismund?
    The historical figure whom the college is named after is King Sigismund (Zsigmond) I (1386-1437) of the Luxembourg House. Sigismund I, who was well-known and respected all over Europe in the Middle Ages, founded Hungary's second university in Óbuda in 1395, where theology, law, medicine, and liberal arts were taught. As a Hungarian and Czech king, as well as a Roman emperor, Sigismund became a major advocate for European integration and had an important role in the European diplomacy of his time, thanks to his unique intelligence, personality and political and cultural orientation.
    King Sigismund University, founded in 2000, would like to follow this cultural tradition in the European Union. 
    In his own time, Sigismund I was a renounced politician in foreign affairs, who convoked and organized the Council of Constance, thus prevented the western church from splitting up, worked as an economic politician to introduce a unified system of weights and measures, and founded the Order of the Dragon, one of the most well-known orders of knighthood of his time.
  • Educational security - Student contract: the basis of a good relationship
    The years you spend in higher education should be the happiest time of your life. We also want to provide security and protection with the help of the student contract. We make a contract with all our non-subsidized students (or with the government in the case of state-subsidized ones) in which we lay out in detail the conditions of the relationship between the student and the university. It is vital that we make clear what to expect from each other and why. This contract is the means to officialize and record the responsibility that we carry for our students, the same kind of responsibility that have made private schools in higher education the best in America and western Europe.
  • Official matters
    When you register, you meet the staff of the Registrar's Office first. Our staff helps you to find your way around in higher education, its traditions and regulations, by keeping in touch with you personally as well as electronically. ETR, our Internet-based registry system is like a student-generated customer service and electronic school record, which is at your disposal day and night. Your exam results are instantly forwarded to you via e-mail, and we are also planning to introduce exam result notification in the form of mobile phone texts as well, if the students demand it.
    If you have a problem, feel free to turn to the staff members of the Registrar's Office: they are ready to help you with your registration, different types of student benefits and supports, the acceptance of your previous credits obtained in other higher educational institutions, etc. We offer you the safety of the traditional ways and the freedom of the credit system at the same time, as well as the possibility to choose your own form and pace of study according to your individual needs, within the framework of the university's academic curricula. You can also defer your studies if need be.
  • Quality insurance
    A large number of our teachers, among whom there are senior and emeritus professors as well as more and more young PhD's, have academic degrees. Several of our students have been successful at national student research conferences and contests. The repeated invitation from the European Parliament is a sign of our school's international recognition.
    Almost unbeliavable but still true: since the foundation of the university, no classes have had to be cancelled because of lack of professional substitution or prompt make-up.
    In short, King Sigismund University provides quality, reasonable conditions of learning and freedom of decision and professional thinking.

  • Choose King Sigismund University and you will be part of dynamically growing private university in the heart of Central-Europe.
    Now the university has twenty times as many students as five years ago; the number of our programs tripled within a single year. A lot of our students find that the biggest strength of the university is the variety of study programs and courses it offers.
  • Competence-based learning for practical knowledge
    King Sigismund University, as a student-friendly place, is responsible for the development of complex practical knowledge and skills. Accordingly, our study programs give practical and competence-based education which prepares the students for real-life situations in the labour market. This guarantees that the students obtain marketable degrees.


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