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The Alumni Association of King Sigismund University is founded On January 28, 2008 the Alumni Association of King Sigismund Business School had its founding meeting in the Choral Castle, a really high-class venue.

The former students of the university started to gather in the park of the castle at around six o'clock on this sunny afternoon. The short welcome speeches were delivered by chair Eszter Szilágyi and co-chair Ildikó Laki.

This was not just a party for the students, but accession to the Alumni Association - an event that brings back the memory of years spent at the college, and the sense of belonging to a student community.

Kinga, one of our former students in international relations said: "The exams, which sometimes caused a lot of strife to us, or our teachers with their high demands have by now become nice memories to be remembered with a smile at the table in the company of a fine dish or glass of wine."

At the meeting the graduates had the chance to test their knowledge, compete with each other and see whether they are loved by Fortuna - luckily, not in the form of an oral or written exam, but at the poker table. If someone felt they needed to "relieve the pressure", they could engage in humming or singing popular tunes in the karaoke bar.

Such an association can naturally work well and become meaningful only if its members are real people maintaining their real relationships, and are ready to get out of their daily routines to come together and have fun from time to time, or if need be, help each other. The students who once helped one another with notes and useful advice have by now become colleagues, fellow workers, and can come at each other's help in "real" life, in the world of labour, if they remember their common roots.

Besides its educational work, King Sigismund University also wants to provide social life for its current and former students, so it is possible to join the Alumni Association any time, and it is open to all former students.


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