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Department of International and Political Studies

King Sigismund University has recruited a versatile group of academics and professionals to teach in the BA programs in political science, and international studies. Some of them are affiliated with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and with their professional expertise and research activity they increase the educational quality of the university. One of our express goals has been to recruit professionals with academic degrees who are able to provide practice-oriented education for our students. The BA programs are designed and organized by the Department of International and Political Studies. As these programs are interdisciplinary, the faculty includes historians, political scientists, academics and professionals in geography, economics, and law. This wide range of interests also characterizes the research projects carried out at the Department.

The Department not only organizes but also supports the individual research projects of its students, so each term we offer courses in student research (OTDK). After the basics have been laid, the institute tries to give enough practical training to its students in order for them to gain enough experience in their special areas of interest so that they can easily find their way into the labor market. Both in the field of international relations and political science we offer trainings and courses that develop the students' knowledge and understanding in various issues in communication, minority rights, integration theory or even terrorism. Special emphasis is put on the development and maintenance of international relations, primarily within the framework of Erasmus, but also by means of bilateral agreements.

There is regular cooperation between the University and the Department of Political Science at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The latest research results are disseminated at conferences and workshops organized together with HAS (these events are open not only to our students and faculty but to the general academic public as well), and are also published in the Department's annual periodical.


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