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BA in Business and Management

The standards and quality of training in business and management at KSBS are the same as at university faculties of business and economics. Besides professional subjects, the curriculum contains courses in the social sciences that are appropriate to the program, as well as language courses, in order to give the students all the knowledge and competences which are socially required from business graduates in a modern market economy, these requirements being set by the business communities, small and big companies, as well as the economy as a whole.

In the Business and Management BA program we train business professionals whose expertise and knowledge in general economics, the social sciences, applied economics and methodology, as well as their professional education make them capable of planning and analyzing the activities of business organizations and institutions, and managing and organizing the work of businesses. Also, they have the qualification and knowledge to be able to continue their studies at the master's level. After finishing the BA program, the graduates will be capable of effectively working for business organizations, and identifying with and fulfilling corporate and individual objectives. They will be able to fill in positions adequate to their qualification and individual competences, and to pursue their chosen career and life paths, in which the college provides them with extracurricular help.

Subjects taught in the program

Micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, financial studies and business finance, business economics, economic law, informatics, statistics, accounting, marketing communication, EU economics, history of economics, economic politics, philosophy, sociology, rhetoric, leadership and organizational management, strategic management, human resource management, consumer behaviour and service marketing, the stock exchange, project management, languages for special (business) purposes.

Prospects in the labour market

In business and social institutions, enterprises, company founding and organization, international (business) organizations, chambers of commerce and finance, and other business foundations.

Vocational training positions

In ministries, national and international social organizations, international and Hungarian businesses, multinational companies.

General information about the program

  • Form of study: full time or part time
  • Length of program: six semesters + one semester of vocational training

Specialized study tracks

Marketing, finance and taxation, the European Union, banking and the stock exchange (subject to change)

Title of degree

BA in Management and Business

(specialization stated in parentheses)

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