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BA in Finance and Accounting

KSBS's BA program in Finance and Accounting is characterized by great practicality and versatility. The college's facilities make it possible to offer intensive and effective education which is further strengthened by our studentfriendly practices. The program's courses and specializations are taught by highly qualified teachers with up-to-date knowledge; besides, we invite many prominent specialists in various fields of finance to give lectures on the areas they work in. We regularly organize conferences and other professional occasions which the college students can attend, thus having the chance to make the first connections in their future field of work. King Sigismund Business School provides the students with competitive education. In the course of the BA program, the institution prepares its students for work, thus increasing their chances to attain positions in finance, banking, consulting and other business sectors. Also, the Career Centre, which works within the walls of the school, helps students in planning and pursuing their future career paths.

Subjects taught in the program

Banking, the stock exchange, public finance, international finance, history of finance, managerial accounting, law of social insurance, distribution of EU funds, transnational companies, shadow economy, foreign business strategies, international business organizations, financial systems, financial law, financial planning.

Prospects in the labour market

In the Ministry of Finance, national and foreign banks, insurance companies, major businesses and social institutions, company founding, international organizations.

Vocational training positions

In the Ministry of Finance, national and foreign banks and insurance companies, ministries, the Parliament, Hungarian and international social organizations and businesses.

General information about the program

Form of study: full time or part time

Length of program: six semesters + one semester

of vocational training

Specialized study tracks

Banking and the stock exchange, European

studies, financial policy (subject to change)

Title of degree

BA in Finance and Accounting

(specialization stated in parentheses)

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