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BA in Humanities Studies

Students in the Humanities Studies program can learn the general basics of arts as well as make themselves familiar with a special area in this huge field of study. Such areas (specialized study tracks) include religious studies, film studies, communication and media studies and philosophy. From September 2009, the students at KSBS choose their specialization at the end of their first semester, in accordance with the national requirements.

This means that their specialized study track includes 91 credits instead of only 50 (thus, their specialization is their major); therefore, they can get into certain master's programs where the admission requirement is two BA degrees. Those KSBS students who wish to study at the master's level can proceed to the college's MA program in Religious Studies, or they can start the graduate non-degree program in Religious and Intercultural Communication, launched in 2009.

Subjects taught in the program

History of philosophy and philosophical disciplines, public discourse, art history, informatics and database management, psychology, human ethology, cultural anthropology, sociology, history, religious studies, world religions, forms of religion, ecclesiastical history, Latin, film studies, film history, film dramaturgy, film analysis, writing and speaking skills, communication theories, mass media, the press and other media, crisis management, EU communication and project writing.

Prospects in the labour market

In institutional communication, specialist journalism, program editing, cultural and arts centers, publishing houses, telecommunication and mass communication, news service and mobile communication, marketing and PR, research institutions, management, education, project writing, civil organizations, local governments and other organizations, committees, and other cultural, sports, recreational and entertainment sectors.

Vocational training positions

In cultural and arts centres, publishing houses, the press and other media, research institutions, (international) civil organizations, local governments, international public funds.

General information about the program

Form of study: full time or part time

Length of program: six semesters

Vocational training: 240 credit hours (80 hours internal college practice, 160 hours external practice)

Specialized study tracks

Religious studies, film studies and film history,

philosophy (subject to change)

Title of degree

Filologist with Specialization in Relligious Studies or in Film Theory and History or in Philosophy (specialization stated in parentheses)

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