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BA in International Business

As Hungary is a member of the European Union with an open economy, there is a growing need expressed by employers in basically all social and economic sectors for business specialists who have expertise in international relations, the affairs of the EU and diplomacy, speak languages fluently, are generally well-educated and have good communication skills. The BA program in International Business aims to train such specialists. The main strength of the program is that - besides having theoretical foundational and special modules on its curriculum and a competent and academically respected faculty to teach them - it puts a great emphasis on practice as well.

It is a great advantage to our students that when they graduate, they have already had several months of active practice, usually at leading middle-size and large companies and multinational corporations, the European Parliament, local governments, research institutes, or in the media, and they also have the possibility to do some courses in a foreign school within the framework of the EU's exchange programs. The BA program in International Business is

recommended to those students who wish to become business specialists doing practical or analytical work on an international scale, who are interested in world economy, the European Union, diplomacy, international relations, and international organizations, and are ready to study wholeheartedly to obtain the wide range of knowledge necessary for them to aspire for favourable work positions in the future.

Subjects taught in the program

International negotiation, EU diplomacy, history of diplomacy, international marketing, transnational companies, international finance, international etiquette, protocol, intercultural communication, public relations, political communication, EU economy, managerial accounting, controlling, EU regional politics, EU law, international political economy, international business organizations.

Prospects in the labour market

In multinational corporations, EU offices, EU project writing, business lobby, international relations, institutional communication, political analysis, company consulting, foreign affairs and business journalism, leadership and organizational management.

Vocational training positions

In multinational companies, foreign trade agencies, chambers of finance and commerce, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Finance, the European Parliament (Brussels), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian business organizations, local governments, companies, international public funds.

General information about the program

Form of study: full time or part time

Length of program: six semesters

+ one semester of vocational training

Specialized study tracks

International communication,

financial policy, European studies

(subject to change)

Title of degree

BA in International Business

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