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BA in International Studies

Facing the present needs and requirements of the labour market, we have to realize that many of our older qualifications become outdated and devalued; thus, we need to refresh and upgrade our knowledge and skills so that we can live up to the expectations of a labour market that has become more open and European. The BA program in International Studies gives the chance to achieve all of this.

Subjects taught in the program

20th-century history and literature, sociology, political science, film studies, communication and informatics, Hungarian and international constitutional and civil law, human rights, economics, political and economic geography, regional and civilization studies, economic diplomacy and lobbying, history of diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, national security, environment protection, the European Union and its projects, international agreements and organizations.

Prospects in the labour market

In EU offices, EU project writing and management, interest groups and lobbying, international relations, institutional communication, foreign political analysis, sports diplomacy, ecological policy making, political analysis, company consulting, foreign affairs journalism, decision-making preparation and organizational work in local governments and private businesses, ministries, governmental organizations and public institutions.

Vocational training positions

In the Parliament, ministries, embassies, the European Parliament (Brussels), the Teleki Fund, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, political parties, local governments, international public funds, NGOs, scientific institutions.

General information about the program

Form of study: full time or part time

Length of program: six semesters

Vocational training: four weeks

Specialized study tracks

EU studies I, EU studies II, sports diplomacy (subject to change)

Title of degree

International Relations Expert (specialization stated in parentheses)

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