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BA in Sociology

Students in the BA program in Sociology can learn various aspects of Hungarian society from the country's renowned professors and teachers. More importantly, they familiarize themselves with those methods of data collection and analysis which will enable them to do research in particular strata of society. With a BA degree in Sociology, our graduates can obtain a social researcher position at a public opinion survey company, local government or private business. The Department of Sociology is planning to start its graduate non-degree program in Sociological Analysis, where the graduates can further strengthen their research competence.

Subjects taught in the program

History of sociology, social history, cultural and social anthropology, economic history, legal studies, political science, psychology, economics, demography, social policy, ethnic groups and minorities, social inequalities, social structure and stratification, social mobility, gender and sex, settlement sociology, segregation, social deviance, family and lifestyle sociology, youth sociology, the social history of prostitution, social publicity, organizational and work sociology, economic sociology, the study of rural and urban societies, data interpretation, academic writing, statistics and research methodology.

Prospects in the labour market

In national and local institutions of social policy-making, public administration, social welfare institutions, local governments, civil organizations, multinational corporations, sociological research institutes at universities, academic institutions or business organizations, and the press and the media.

Vocational training positions

In institutions of social policy-making, local governments, public administration, research centres, the press and the media, civil organizations, international public funds, multinational corporations

General information about the program

Form of study: full time or part time

Length of program: six semesters

Vocational training: 220 credit hours

Title of degree

Sociologist (specialization stated in parentheses)

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