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MA in Political Science

The students of the master's program in Political Science have the possibility to learn about the theoretical and practical connections in Hungary's and the EU's political systems from the most qualified and highly experienced academics and experts in the field. Their education enables them to understand and forecast the processes in the wide political world and to acquire the ability of analytical and synthetic thinking. The MA program aims to train political scientists who are in possession of the knowledge theoretically and practically applicable to the political relations and rules of society, political institutions, formations of power, and public policies.

Graduates in the theoretical and methodological study tracks have the necessary knowledge and qualification to proceed to the doctoral level, as well as pursue an academic career in a postgraduate research group or society for political science. Graduates in the more practical study tracks are capable of doing work related to decision-making preparation and building relations and keeping contacts for political institutions, international organizations or related economic or social organizations.

Subjects taught in the program

Political theory, comparative political science, history of political thought and philosophy, theories of democracy, theories of international relations, research methodology, political analysis, public policy, the comparison of election systems, local policy and governments, political and social networks, brain trusts, NGOs, the political theory of globalization, political theories of knowledge.

Prospects in the labour market

In social and economic organizations, local governments (mediation, PR, publishing, decision-making preparation, etc.), ministries, research institutes, international institutions, political parties, public administration and development policy agencies.

Specialized study tracks

The European political system

General information about the program

  • For entrance requirements into master's programs please consult the Higher Education Admissions Bulletin.
  • Form of study: full time or part time
  • Length of program: 4 semesters
  • Number of credits to be obtained for MA degree: 120

Language requirements

For the master's degree the student has to have two state-accredited (or equivalent) complex (written and oral) intermediate or higher language exams, one of them in English.

Academic level of degree and qualification in program:

master (MA)

Title of degree:

Master of Arts in Political Science

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